The DAM QS, a new way of promoting good environmental practices in citizenship.

This initiative comes under the mission to promote a culture of good environmental practices and footprint reduction, encouraging the active participation of citizens.

In November 2014, the Institutional Cooperation Agreement is signed with the S2M Foundation, this part of the Environmental Fund contribution of approximately $ 65,000.

This agreement contemplated the development of the roadmap, development of workshops to define the environmental dimensions that would be considered in the DAM QS and the definition of indicators, which helped the implementation of the initiative and presentation of release for convening the first edition. Subsequently the Environmental Fund signed a contract with the private company for $ 109,000 for the development and dissemination of the second edition - 2016.

The DAM QS is a channel of communication with the public that allows individuals, neighborhoods and organizations involved, assess their environmental performance, know what actions they can implement to improve their relationship with the environment and demonstrate the various actions that implements the citizenship they serve as a model for all inhabitants of the DMQ.

Thus the QS DAM publicly distinguishes the best environmental practices and recognizes the will, progress and achievement in the implementation of actions related to environmental care.

natural persons, legal persons and neighborhoods of DMQ: In its first edition presented in the year 2015 129 participants of different categories were recorded. Of this total, 110 were eligible and 64 completed all stages of the DAM QS.

Based on the results of the first edition, for QS 2016 DAM changes taking into account the views and observations of the Council of Honor and participants were considered.

To participate in the DAM QS should be performed a self-assessment of a number of indicators corresponding to 5 Environmental dimensions: sustainable mobility, implementation of good environmental practices to reduce footprints, care of the natural heritage, proper waste management and sustainable construction.

According to the scores achieved, participants can obtain an Honorable Mention for each dimension, or Environmental Distinction, if they achieve high marks in all dimensions.

The Council of Honor of the DAM QS is who validates the results and defined the winners of Distinction. This Council is composed of representatives of institutions representing different sectors of the population and are recognized for their work and seriousness.

To find out how to participate, go to: